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T.O. and Monique Reynolds have an 11-year-old son together. According to the papers, he paid $20,000/month in support until last year, when it was reduced to $11,202. He also gave her $100,000 to buy a house.

T.O. and Kimberly Floyd have a 7-year-old daughter, for whom TO was ordered to pay $20,000/month for back in 2005. In 2008, they agreed to drop that to $15,000.

Samelia Miller gave birth to TO’s son back in 2006. He was ordered to pay $13,400/month  in support.

T.O. fathered a daughter with Melanie Paige Smith and was ordered to pay $5,000/month for their daughter back in 2007. This is the only case where T.O. has not yet requested a reduction … though his rep says he plans to ask for a modification.

In addition to the ridiculous amount of money he’s been shelling out in child support, the court papers also state that he dishes out $62,366 per month for a number of properties and homes including one in Georgia that’s in foreclosure. To help his financial situation, he states in the papers that he is willing to sell all of his homes except for two.

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